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Cocoon Fitness Pro Deluxe

Cocoon Fitness Pro Deluxe TM , innovation 2020, it's the booster version of the Fitness Pro !

With identical functionality to its "little sister", the "Deluxe" version is characterized by intense body LEDs to further stimulate cellular reactions.

Laser photon energy accelerates metabolic reactions (ATP) to boost results.

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New product

New Cocoon Fitness Pro Deluxe:

  • More powerful ceramic infrared
  • Infrared by jade stones, tourmaline, etc...
  • Touch screen and ergonomic for easy use
  • 4 preset programs
  • Ionization with Pure Himalayan Salt
  • Supply of 85% additional oxygen with OxyOasis (amplified cellular reactions, accelerated lipolytic effects, enhanced penetration of active ingredients, etc.) by inhalation and dermal diffusion. Optional.
  • Connection jack for mp3 music, smartphone...
  • FitBed system with elastic straps to perform exercises in the cocoon
  • Intense Cold Red Laser to increase cell stimulation and accelerate reactions:
  1. Immune defenses
  2. Cellular regeneration (skin, muscles, organs, etc.)
  3. Detoxification (acidity, heavy metals, organic toxins...)
  4. Muscle repair and recovery
  5. Accelerated fat burning
  6. Skin tightening


  • An innovative system without a water connection. An electrical outlet is sufficient for its installation.
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Multiple treatment options, with or without products
  • Hands-free technique
  • Easy to use with pre-established protocols

Effectiveness, supporting evidence:

Several scientific studies and research have demonstrated the effectiveness of multifunctional and active hyperthermic stimulation, as offered with the Cocoon Wellness Pro.

The photonic energy of LLEDs (athermal cold laser) has demonstrated its therapeutic and medical effectiveness, before extending its fantastic effects on well-being, wellness and health prevention.

The impact is significant and relates to an improvement in all the following slimming aspects:

  • The "orange peel" appearance without pinching is reduced by 50%
  • Improvement of the silhouette and remodeling effect for 87.5% of subjects
  • Up to 5.5 kg weight loss observed
  • An improvement in thigh firmness of 74.5%
  • 100% improvement in skin condition.

With the combined exercise of the FitBed (included in the cocoon):

  • Improved stamina up to 32%
  • Decreased appetite and cravings up to 300%
  • Decreases the duration of the physical activity session by 50%
  • Improves slimming and athletic results by 200 - 400% to 1600%!
  • Increases sweating (up to 1 - 3 litres) and detox effect
  • Increases calorie burn; burn from 580 to 1740 Kcal / 30 min session
  • Decreases body fat and improves body composition by up to 460%
  • Raises body temperature by up to 2.5°C
  • Increases thermogenesis up to 3 times
  • Facilitates muscle building by up to 200-300%
  • Up to 180% better weight loss
  • Improves flexibility by up to 205%
  • Supports caloric afterburn for up to 24 hours after the session.

See the FIT BED version with possibilities to be active / active in the cocoon, in order to burn more calories and tone your muscles more:

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